Great services to fit your every need....

At headrooms we offer a wide range of services from simple room booking through to facilitation, event advice and training. Click here for a full brochure.

  • A range of fully equipped formal and informal meeting spaces designed to stimulate thinking and creativity.
  • Event facilitation from a pool of individuals with a vast range of experiences in independent facilitation.
  • Creative support in planning and delivering your event from our resident consultancy partner. An ideal option when you need help in getting to the heart of the matter and find a solution.
  • Development and research solutions tailored to your needs and exact requirements.

Great staff to make you feel welcome and ensure your event is a success....

Our staff are not only good at managing space, they're a team who have a wide range of experience to ensure your event is a success

With a combination of event management, consulting and facilitation expertise they can provide everything from simple support on the day through to helping design and run your event and deliver specialist training