Headrooms – your improvement partners

Welcome to your ideas factory!

We are passionate about seeing people innovate and improve.

We think people need stimulating environments to give their very best – that’s why we’ve created headrooms.

The idea is simple – offer great space where people can meet, think, create and innovate.

People getting together to collaborate creates the best ideas and two obscure hunches often equal something fantastic…

Hunch & Hunch

Our commitments to you

  • Our service is second to none: it’s our pleasure to serve and we believe it’s our duty to make your event a success
  • You’ll feel right at home: It’s your space for the time you are here and we will be available when you need us, invisible when you don’t
  • Sensitive pricing: We’ve looked carefully at the market and we’re committed to excellent value for money
Headrooms Dining Space

"it’s like coming into someone’s home but in a good way" - Macmillan Cancer Support