A range of fully equipped formal and informal meeting spaces designed to stimulate thinking and creativity.

Sometimes you just want a room. A great space where you can have a meeting, get things done, and then get back to work. We understand that, we’ve had many of them ourselves.

With headrooms you can choose one of our rooms for such a meeting, and have it configured as you like it . We think we’ve thought of all the options, but if you need something quirky then let us know!

Refreshments are available throughout the day as you want them. We don’t have set breaks at headrooms, we just do refreshments on tap. Drop in to the our kitchen and help yourself.

If you want us to cater for your meeting, then we’d be delighted to arrange that for you with our food friends Eden. They offer scrumptious food and we can serve it straight into your meeting.

We think our rates are fair and competitive, and our service is at the core of our business.

Enough of a ‘pitch’.... drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to hear your requirements and provide a price!