Event facilitation from a pool of individuals with a vast range of experiences in independent facilitation.

No doubt there are times when you know you would like some external support for your meeting or event. Expert facilitators are skilled in helping to design your event, plan it thoroughly, and make sure you get the outcome you need. The really good ones also make sure they pass some of their skill onto you during the session.

We have a team of externally accredited facilitators and one of our best friends are circleindigo (in our opinion some of the best independent facilitators in the UK). Or, if you have already chosen your external facilitator we can work with them to ensure your event is a success – just put them in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Our space has been designed with facilitators and their needs in mind. Wall space is left clear for getting stuff up there; we don’t hang crusty pictures or picture lights in critical places. Our rooms are fully equipped with AV and Neuland facilitation kits.

If you are facilitator we offer great loyalty packages and support to you. We aim to ensure your clients get the very best experience.

Enough of a ‘pitch’.... drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to hear your requirements and provide a price!