At our practice contact lenses are our speciality.

We provide all types of lenses starting from soft daily disposables going right through to tailor made prosthetic lenses to hide scars on the front surface of the eye.

We now have even more specialist lenses to offer keratoconic and post LASER surgery eyes. Two new lenses have been released Synergeyes and SoClear, these lenses offer an increase in comfort over the conventional keratoconic lenses. Ms Taylor-West is an expert in the fitting of these lenses and, in fact, lectures throughout the United Kingdom on their use.

If you are approaching middle age and need varifocal glasses we have contact lens options for you with many types of multifocal contact lens.

If you are happy to wear a lens at night and would like to wake up being able to see in the morning and all day without lenses then Ortho-K might be an option for you.

Whatever your contact lens needs, we will endeavor to fill them.

If you are a new patient you will need a longer appointment initially to give us a chance to check your suitability for contact lenses carefully. Even if you have worn lenses before we will still take the time to check everything carefully. Once your lenses have been fitted you may wish to join one of our care plans which gives you discounted appointments and contact lenses.

We also have technicians on site to clean and check lenses.