The Network

Founder - Andrew Hargreaves is a performance consultant with London based consulting firm WCL. Andrew has worked with business leaders across government and the private sector, helping them to do what they do, only better. Andrew’s insights and interests are drawn from his work with these organisations.

Despite the variety of strategies, interests, products and services of each of these organisations, most of their leaders face the same crucial challenges:

  • Providing a clear & compelling strategic direction;
  • Embedding the delivery strategy into the business – strategic realisation;
  • Motivating, engaging and driving people to deliver; and
  • Aligning effort and resource behind priorities.

Andrew is passionate about helping to deliver improved performance, and creating high performing organisations through people

Friends of the Network:

Liz Railton – TBA

Mike Richards – Mike is a 58 year old man in a hurry. . Mike has always worked to live and find the endless opportunity to enjoy life too big a challenge to ignore. Mike does not see himself as a sportsman, nor is Mike a fitness fanatic; he enjoys food and wine too much to ever be either. Nor is Mike inclined to take risks – life is too good to cut short.

Having said that, Mike does lots of things that many of us would regard as exceptional, challenging and beyond our expectations of most 58 year old men. He clearly get’s something out of the challenge of doing new things, with the expectation of enjoyment, giving him a lot of determination to overcome the obstacles along the way. He is a great example of high performance in action, and his stories in this site are a testimony to many lessons in the performance leadership of ourselves.