Understand your performance space

Having a good understanding of your starting point and challenges is an important step in creating a high performance organisation.

You can download the rapid diagnostic below to help understand where you should focus to create a high performance culture.

This performance model has been developed by Andrew Hargreaves of WCL, and pulls together the fundamental building blocks needed to create a high performance organisation.

Download the rapid diagnostic here

Ambition – Having a clear and compelling Vision, Strategic Objectives and Strategic priorities sets the tone for your organisation.

Priorities – in simple terms, this is about putting first things first and putting your effort where it is most needed to yield results.

Engagement – means more than commitment, it’s about lighting the fire in the belly of your people and motivating them to make a difference.

Culture – it’s about your performance culture, are you creating a space that makes people want to succeed?

Results – the outcome of everything before it. Are you actually achieving what you set out to achieve and making a difference?