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Optimising Health through Physiological Hormone Replacement

Company Overview

Diurnal is an innovative pharmaceutical company that creates high-value therapeutics using proprietary formulations and novel physiological treatment regimes of approved drugs.

Diurnal products will address the major unmet needs of endocrine (hormone) treatment for patients and can be rapidly taken through clinical development to key clinical value points that will underpin commercialisation of these differentiated drug products.

Competitive Advantage

Diurnal has leveraged its expertise in circadian-based endocrinology (mimicking the body’s natural hormone levels) and drug delivery to create unique product opportunities in areas of high unmet medical need such as:

  • Steroid Hormone Replacement
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Thyroid Hormone Replacement

The body’s natural circadian rhythms that Diurnal is targeting

Diurnal’s approach in utilising only drugs that have been approved and with a well established safety and efficacy profile enables it to judiciously focus on optimising therapeutic performance principally by altering the drug delivery modality and treatment regimes. This approach also enables Diurnal to significantly de-risk the development programme and avoid the need for the substantial and costly commitment to pre-clinical development prior to proof-of-concept evaluation.

Intellectual Property

Diurnal’s product development programmes are underpinned by an intellectual property portfolio of seven patent families, one of which is granted in Europe and several entering late-phase international prosecution. In addition to the patent portfolio, significant know-how of drug delivery technologies, clinical specialism and application can be imparted to create innovative and differentiated products at the point of inception.

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Phase 1 completed December 2009. Moving into Phase 2 mid-June 2010